Sunday, May 07, 2006

L'Osteria & Happy Birthday to me!

After a week of birthday celebrations, last night was my night. I decided to take everyone to my favourite local Italian restaurant, L’Osteria in North Fitzroy. I love this place & their stuffed olives are the best, you may have noticed that I have a thing for stuffed olives & when I went to Ladro a couple of weeks back to find they had taken them off the menu I was devastated, luckily this place still had them so I promptly ordered a few servings for all to share. They are green olives stuffed with veal pork & parmigiano then crumbed & fried, sensational! Next we had some miniature vegetarian arancini which were lovely. For my main I had pappardelle alla ragu di salsiccia di finocchio, which translated is beautiful hand made pasta with a ragu of fennel sausages, tomato & radicchio, fantastic combination, the fennel flavour really came through quite strongly & I love the aniseed taste so very good for me. We didn’t have dessert tonight as my mum had bought a cake to have back at home.

Most of the pastas are homemade here & the menu changes seasonally so I never get bored with the choice. They also do pizza which I have not yet tried though I hear it is also pretty good. Highly recommended place to go, everyone was very impressed & I will be back there soon to try some more of the Autumn menu before it changes.

616 Nicholson Street
North Fitzroy
Ph (03) 9489 6302


plum said...

Gosh, there's a lot of birthdays in your house right now Ange! Happy Birthday to you and doesn't that pappardelle looks incredible?

Pamela said...

Happy Birthday Ange!!!!

Reb said...

Happy birthday for last weekend - sounds like you had a great time!

kestypes said...

This and Movida look great. Our sort of food. Being a former Melburnian I miss the great Italian and Greek food down there.

Will take on both these suggestions for our next visit -- where we sneak down and eat ourselves silly for a few days. And at such a reasonable price compared to Sydney.

Keep on with those reviews.

kestypes said...

Oh, and how rude of me... Hippo Birdy Two Ewes!

Ange said...

Thks for all of the birthday wishes & would love to hear what you think of these places if you ever get the chance to go