Friday, December 26, 2008

Smoked Trout Heaven

For years I have been buying the smoked trout dip from the deli down at Barkly Square in Brunswick & I’m yet to meet a person who doesn’t absolutely love it, its very addictive. Well I finally have found a recipe that’s incredibly even better than the deli version & oh so easy to prepare, though I’m not sure if it works out any cheaper. From memory its abt $22.00 per kilo from the deli, which works out to abt $12.00 for a fullish small tub. The piece of lemon pepper smoked trout I bought to use in the dip (funnily enough also from the deli at Barkly Square) was $8.95 so once you add in the extras not much difference. Does anyone else make their own smoked trout dip, maybe its always been this easy & I just haven’t tried it before? For those who are interested the recipe I used came from Nigella’s Express though I used lemon pepper flavoured smoked trout which gave it a lovely zing & omitted the cayenne pepper as I felt it didn’t need it. Fantastic served with some fresh bread or crackers & a lovely Christmas Eve nibble enjoyed by all