Thursday, January 15, 2009


In case you're all wondering why I have been so slack lately, for one, check out the photos, this is where we are from week 1 to week 13 in the house rennos, that is Chloe & Michael standing in my kitchen to be (getting installed next week, WOOHOO). As you can imagine its been a whirlwind of shopping for house fixtures, ie ovens, stove, fridge, bathroom stuff, laundry, light fittings, door handles, just to name a few items & madly juggling builders, people for quotes, deliveries, etc

For two, I am actually as they would say 'in the family way' again so as those of you who have experienced it would know, food hasnt been a priority unless of course you mean trying desperately to feed my baby some healthy foods & not just a diet of ice cream, chocolate & cake.

I am starting to feel a lot better now though & promise to try & share some more cooking with you soon. It's Chloes second bday party coming up next month & we are having a bit of a shindig out at my parents so no doubt there will be lots of goodies, just have to remember to get the old camera out....