Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Chickpea & Leek Soup

After last nights extravaganza I needed something small & simple for dinner tonight especially seeing as how I’m out for dinner again tomorrow night! So I cooked up one of my favourite soups from Jamie Oliver’s The Naked Chef, you have to try this, it is really very good.

Chickpea & Leek Soup

340g chickpeas, soaked over night (or a tin as I use)
1 medium potato, peeled & quartered
5 medium leeks
1 tablespoon olive oil
knob of butter
2 cloves of garlic, finely sliced
salt & freshly ground black pepper
850ml chicken or vegetable stock
Parmesan cheese, grated
Extra virgin olive oil

Rinse the chickpeas, cover with water, add the potato & cook for about an hour until all tender.

Meanwhile, remove the outer skins of the leeks, wash carefully, discard green bits & slice finely. Warm a thick bottomed pan, add the oil & butter, leeks & a generous pinch of salt & sweat gently until tender & sweet, this will take about half an hour if you are patient.

Add the drained chickpeas & potato & cook for a minute. Add the stock & simmer for 15 minutes.

Next whiz it all up with a bamix, add some parmesan to taste, season with salt & pepper & enjoy!


Marilyn said...

I'm glad you made this. I'm always wondering what else I can do with chickpeas besides eat them in a salad. Look east, to boot!

lindy said...

This looks excellent. Saw something similar recently on anapestic. Lovely, must try it.

Niki said...

Oh! I had this the night I took my lowfat cake to our girls night. My friend made a big pot of this soup, but she served it still chunky. It's excellent. I'd been thinking I'd need to buy the book for the recipe, but here it is! Thank you!!

Ange said...

I've never had it chunky, I love the creamy texture created when all blended together

Bron said...

This sounds great Ange, must give it a try.