Monday, April 17, 2006

Easter Egg Nest Cake

Yesterday we had Easter lunch at my parents house so I took along Nigella’s Easter Egg Nest cake from Feast, Easter being the only time you can make this so I thought why not. It is amazingly rich, having to flour at all. It was delicious but I actually found it a little too sweet for my taste, looked very impressive though.

Easter Egg Nest Cake

250g good quality dark chocolate, broken up
125g unsalted butter, softened
5 eggs, 2 whole, 4 seperated
175 caster sugar, 75g for the yolk mix & 100g for the whites
1 teaspoon vanilla extract

125g good quality dark chocolate, broken up
250ml double cream
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 packet small sugar coated chocolate eggs

Preheat the oven to 180c. Line the bottom of a 23cm springform tin with baking paper.

Melt the 250g chocolate with the butter in a double boiler & set aside to cool slightly.

Whisk the 4 egg whites until firm, then gradually add the 100g sugar & whisk until the whites are holding their shape & peak gleamingly but not stiff.

Remove this bowl & set aside while you whisk in another bowl the 2 whole eggs and 4 egg yolks with the 75g sugar & vanilla extract, then gently fold in the chocolate mixture. Lighten the egg mixture with some of the egg whites – just a dollop & stir in briskly – and then fold in the rest of the whisked whites gently, in about 3 goes.

Pour into prepared tin & bake for 35-40 minutes or until the cake is risen & cracked & the centre is no longer wobbly on the surface. Cool the cake in its tin on a wire rack, the middle will sink & the sides will splinter.

To finish, carefully remove it from the tin & place on a plate, if any bits fall off, put them back in a loose fashion.

Melt the chocolate for the topping & leave to cool a little. Whip the cream until its firming up & aerated but still soft, then add the vanilla & fold in the melted chocolate. Fill the crater with the cream & arrange the eggs on top.


Belinda said...

How funny... I made the same cake! Where did you find sugared eggs? I tried so many places and found nothing!

Ange said...

I picked up the eggs from Coles a couple of weeks ago

Amanda & Debbie said...

Hello Ange, I might give this cake a try. Could you describe the texture of the inside of the cake?

Ange said...

Hi Amanda & Debbie - Give it a go, it is amazing. The cake is very rich, dense, moist & melts in your mouth, though not too sweet as I made it with 70% cocoa chocolate. The cream that fills the crater I found to be delicious yet very very sweet, was a bit too much for me & I would prefer a thinner layer, if you like it sweet though would not be a problem, Good Luck!

Lushlife said...

Hi Ange I have made this cake too, Nigella also serves it with lashings of plain cream, though I have added strawberries and sometimes raspberries to mine. I really liked the intense chocolate with the raspberries the best. I found it was the sort of cake you want to present decorated and don't want people to see before hand because it looks like a failure- same can be said for my sponge cakes which I almost threw away, but once decorated looked fine.

Ange said...

Thanks for the tip, whipped cream & berries sounds much nicer, the chocolate cream was way too sweet for me

Pamela said...

The cake looks fantastic, it's making me hungry :-)

Reb said...

Wow it looks EXACTLY like the pic in the book! Well done!

Zoubida said...

This is really a "serious chocolate addict" cake. It has the look and the colour of decadence. I'll lower the sugar content and will try it.
The eggs are such a nice, elegant yet whimsy touch. Excellent!