Sunday, April 17, 2011

Autumn Garden

Lovely long chillies, waiting for them to turn red, chose a variety with not too much heat in the hope I can sneak some into the kids meals too, miss cooking with chilli....

A couple of rogue pumpkins that sprung up from the compost in the weed patch behind the garage that we have not done a thing with yet.  They are different colors so not sure if they grew on separate vines & are different varieties?, hard to tell in the jumble of vines & weeds.  Interestingly the pumpkins I planted didnt grow so might have to plant them in this spot next spring

Capsicums turned from green to black, now waiting for the red to kick in, these grew on last years plants which I left in

Garlic coming through, not much success with my last batch so hope this spot does better.  You can also see some of my masses of basil bushes alongside

Peas growing up the fence, then a row of carrots, row of coriander, row of beets & some marigolds to ward off the pests

Bright & cheery nasturtium, again to help with bugs

Joshie lending a hand with this mornings garden chores, raking leaves & bug spraying (my garlic & oil mix from Vasili), Chloe still sound asleep...

And the asparagus plot coming up nicely, believe in a year or 2 I might even be able to harvest.  Meantime I am growing some carrots in the space at the back.

Have also planted some broad beans, show peas & rainbow chard which are yet to poke to their heads up through the soil, love waiting for everything to grow & ripen & nice always having something ready to harvest.  At the moment the tomatoes have just come to a halt, cucumbers said bye bye & beans which we have been eating almost every night dug up too though I do have one stalk in a pot that looks quite vigorous & may produce some late beans yet.  Meantime masses of herbs for the picking, waiting for chillies & capsicums to ripen & some rocket & lettuce just about ready for my lunch


kitchen hand said...

I've had different pumpkins on what appeared to be one vine. (I need some of that oil - the bugs have been shocking this summer thanks to all the rain.)

Ange said...

Make up the oil, very easy & nice & organic, 1 clove of garlic crushed in half a cup of boiled water & soaked overnight. In the morning strain & add half a cup of vegetable oil, put in a sprayer & off you go!