Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy 4th birthday to my sweet princess Chloe!

Yesterday was my beautiful baby Chloe's 4th birthday, I cant believe how quick the years are going.  To celebrate we had a small party with family & a couple of Chloe's friends.

 Amongst all it all we had some cheery clown straws which worked well slurping up the home made lemonade I concoted, figured if they were going to have sugar, at least I could make it free of chemicals & colours, etc, a big hit, they all loved it.


 Then for lunch I stuck to kiddie food & we had the pigs in blankets above, I grew up with the cocktail franks wrapped in bread and baked in the oven.  This was a Nigella Lawson recipe from Nigella Bites.  The franks were wrapped in a cheesy scone dough & baked, mmm, delicious.  I have wanted to try them for ages but of course needed the excuse of a childrens party.  Much nicer than plain old bread.
  Also made some home made sausage rolls, filled with pork, zucchini, onion, pesto & cheese, again really good & nice to sneak in some veggies (sorry forgot to take a photo.  Then there were chicken wings & a variety of sandwiches.

While everyone was bursting at the seams after lunch I played some old school party games with the kids, pass the parcel, success, musical chairs, took lots of convincing but in the end they were all fighting for that last seat & pin the tail on the donkey, may need to invest in a better blind fold next year as some unusual bulls eyes were had!
Last of all was birthday cake, chocolate of course sandwiched with chocolate fudge icing & more icing smothered on top & sides.  Decorations all pin with a splash of purple here & there, lots of smiles over this one.  Also pictuerd the white chocolate cupcakes with pink icing & decorations courtesy of Chloe, lemon & lime tart, whoopee pies (thanks mum) & fruit kebabs.

Chloe declared it her best birthday ever & true to form about midnight she awoke us with a big clean up job in her room, too much chocolate that wouldn't stay down, oh well better luck convincing her to be moderate next year!


Gourmet said...

What a gorgeous party! I love the cupcakes and the birthday cake, too cute!!!

I bet she had a great day.

You will have to update your section "about me" it says you are the mother of a two year old... time certainly does fly!

My littliest is turning four in May :(

Ange said...

Thanks, think my abt me is just badly written, meant 2 children! Having said that I do have an almost 2 yr old now as well as Chloe miss 4 and loving it though the time to blog seems to be disappearing as they get older