Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Garden update

 A few photos from my garden.  it's all coming along nicely though things seem to be taking a lot longer this year with our cooler than usual summer.  Here are some tomatoes, I have 6 different plants on the go & finally they are starting to produce
 First lemons on the lemon tree, lets hope they will live to mature, I haven't had much success so far
 The first of my tomatoes to ripen, these were actually some Winter tomatoes that I picked up at the garden show last year, I planted them a bit late so nothing in Winter but nice to have something ready to pick now
 Thai basil (back) & sweet basil (front), all from last years seeds.  This year I have been planting basil every few week so I have a continuous supply, these are my youngest
 More Winter tomatoes from last summer, yet to redden
 A rogue pumpkin plant I have let live amongst the weeds, one budding pumpkin so far, who knows how many more I will find amongst the weeds
 The first of my cucumbers looking good
And lastly some corn just about ready to eat....

How is your garden growing this year?


Gourmet said...

My garden is not looking as good as yours :( We have been attacked by caterpillars and grasshopers so anything leafy is suffering.

I have a steady supply of tomato, chili, shallot, rosemary and thyme but everything else is not so great.

We did get 4 big corn heads though :)

I think me garden could do with turning over and organic fertiliser.

Ange said...

Too bad on the nasty garden bugs! Better luck with your next crop

susan said...

I have huge green tomatoes that have yet to ripen. How long does it usually take for this? I also have corn that is far from ready, but looking forward to when it finally ripens!

Tv Food and Drink said...

I want to dive into the bed of basil. It's just starting to get warm enough here in Hollywood for a jalapeno plant on my balcony. Keep up the good work!