Monday, June 12, 2006

French Toast ala Ange

This morning for a lazy Queens Birthday morning I whipped up some french toast the way my family has always made it, with cheese on top! Seriously after eating it this way all my life I cant imagine having it sweet or with bacon & maple syrup, that just seems wrong to me.

The way I make it is to dip some bread in milk, then dip in beaten eggs, then pop it into a hot oiled frypan & fry on both sides until crisp & golden. Then serve with grated tasty cheese on top, try it someday, yum!


Pamela said...

That looks delicious!! I agree with you about French toast with maple syrup and bacon, I'm not a fan either. An old friend of mine introduced me to a twist on the way you enjoy French toast.

Take two pieces of white bread slice some cheese and place between the slices as if making a cheese sandwich and then dip the whole thing in milk and beaten egg and fry until the outside is golden and the cheese is yummy and melty. My friend called it cheese delights!!

Ange said...

Sounds like a nice twist, will have to try it out someday. I often make fried cheese sandwiches just have never thought too coat in the egg mixtrue, think it will work very well indeed!