Sunday, February 12, 2006

Brekky At Ceres Sat 11th Feb 06

This weekend my friends Sam & Trace from Brisbane were down for the weekend to visit our dear friend Jane who has been in hospital with a nasty back injury. After picking them up from the airport we quickly ran over to Ceres for some brekky before heading to the hospital. I forgot that they are very plain eaters & not rally into 'hippy food' as they would call it.

We all had the scrambled eggs with sourdough taost, Trace & I had mushies on the side & Sam had baked beans.

The scrambled eggs, free range & organic as you would expect from ceres were made with some organic cream, very light & creamy & delicious to my taste buds, the sour dough was sprinkled with herb infused olive oil which again I thought added some gorgeous extra flavour rather than just slab of butter on top & the mushies on the side were lovley & fresh as you can see from the picture.

I love the food here & love the fact that the ingredients are all of the highest quality & fresh as can be. Sadly Sam & Tracey barely touched theirs as it was not 'normal' enough for them, ie the baked beans didnt come from a heinz tin & tasted weird (they were home made), Sam even claimed the eggs tasted different, apart from extra flavour & the creaminess I couldnt really pick them apart from 'ordinary' eggs myself, was very fuuny! Anyway next time they are in town will have to remember to take them somewhere more conventional! Myself I love this place & will definitely be back for more...

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