Thursday, January 05, 2006

News Years Resoltion - Liver Cleansing Diet!

Well after a week & a bit of complete excess which followed from a month of Christmas lunches, dinners, parties & you name its, the pants were feeling a bit tight so I thought it was absolutely neccessary to start the New year off with the Liver Cleansing diet.

I started on 2nd Jan as I first had begin the new year well so went to my mums for dinner & had some lovely peirogi to start with followed by a Roast beef, can you get more comfort food than that, was delicious & nice way to start off 2006, good food, wine & with the family.

Anyway the diet is suppsoed to go for 8 weeks & we will see how I go. There will def be a break on the weekend of 20th Jan as I'm flying up to Brisbane for a girls weekend. On day 4 now & feeling much lighter already & the food is not too bad apart from the fact that I have to cut out all dairy, red meat & of course anything that contains sugar, white flour, etc! Oh well sure it will all taste even better than I remember after depriving myself for a few weeks. The diet has one saving grace, I am still allowed 4 glasses of wine a week, yippee, am really looking forward to Friday night now.

The photo is of some Banana & walnut muffins which I made from the book, they really arent too bad though not good enough to share the recipe thats for sure. Will not bother to share all the gory food I have to eat unless one of the recipes takes me by surpirse so see you back when I am in the real world again all cleansed & ready to destroy all my hard work

Bye for now


Ed Charles said...

You don't believe all that stuff about liver cleansing do you? Next you'll believe all that stuff from health spas about drinking loads of water to get the toxins out or the advertising from Blackmores.

Ed Charles said...

Well, I guess I should come clean about the CSRIO diet somebody is trying to fore me onto. Still I managed to raid tramploine for $12 of ice cream this arvo and have plans for a massive trifle.

Niki said...

My friend (the one in Japan) used to do liver cleansing every 6 months or so. I was totally put off when I tasted something he made which reminded exactly of cardboard!!