Saturday, May 07, 2011

What to do with the pumpkins from the garden

 With 2 pumpkins from the garden to cook up, I wanted to try some different recipes rather than just adding them to a roast. The first recipe was pumpkin hotcakes from Stephanie Alexanders Kitchen Garden Companion, pumpkin steamed & mashed then added to flour, eggs, etc (no sugar) & cooked up, served with maple syrup.  Delicious morsels with crispy edges & the sugar wasnt missed though the maple syrup did make up for it!
 Next, a roast pumpkin salad, the dressing is made up of chopped roasted capsicum, lemongrass, sesame oil.  All served on a bed of rocket (from the garden too).  Delicious though my pumpkin didnt brown up during the roasting & was quite soft, think it would have been nicer if it caramelized a bit.
Lastly a Bill Granger recipe for a pumpkin soup that was a bit different.  Pumpkin was baked in the oven with tomatoes, carrot & spices, then mashed, stock & lentils added & simmered on the stove for a while.  Serve with a dollop of yoghurt & this was one of the best soups I've tried in ages, bound to become a Winter regular in the house.  Pumpkins all gone now though does anyone have any sensational pumpkin recipes to share?


Anonymous said...

How about a pumpkin risotto? You could it make using arborio rice or barley. The pumpkin soup recipe sounds interesting. Which of Bill Granger's cookbooks is it from?

Ange said...

Thanks, love a pumpkin risotto too. The soup is from Bills basics, a book I am slowly working through, heaps of good recipes

bri said...

It's more of a summery dish, but this is my favourite pumpkin salad ever:

I also love this, although I usually only do steps 1-3 (i.e. serve it just as a normal pasta, not a pasta bake) (blogged here)

veri maz said...

Perfect timing, I've also got a heap of pumpkins from the garden.
We curried up some with some rogan josh paste with chick peas and misc vegies.
Mixed with some yogurt and rice and even Miss 9mths got into it.

GourmetGetaways said...

I don't really have a pumpkin dish I can think of at the moment but I loved the recipes you shared. YUM!

Our garden is going pretty well too, plenty of rocket, basil. shallots and beans, just enough tomato and spinach for our use.

My mum is keeping us topped up with bok choy and snake beans so the only veges we buy are potato and onion.

Ange said...

Gourmet getaways - your garden sounds like it is producing well for you at the moment, its funny but I swap with my mum too - lovely to have someone else to share the passion.

Also I had some other comments that didnt appear - anyone else had any probs with disappearing comments

Johanna GGG said...

Blogger had huge problems a few weeks back and lots of comments and even posts around that time were lost

It is not exciting but one of my favourite pumpkin recipes is pumpkin scones - and my 2 year old just loves helping to make and eat them. I love pumpkin and have lots of recipe with it - you can find them at my blog if you (there is an index by ingredients with lots of ideas but it is not up to date)

Meanwhile I must look up stephanie's pumpkin hotcakes - sounds delish