Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Taste of Melbourne - Last minute give away

I have a few last minute double double passes to give away to this weekends Taste of Melbourne Festival thanks to the lovely people at Green & Blacks Chocolate.  All passes also come with some free blocks of milk & dark chocolate to sample.  

As this is very last minute, the first people to contact me with their address and contact details will get the tickets, so email away & I will mail out tomorrow and hopefully the packages will arrive in time.  Please note all but 1 of the double passes are for Thursday or Friday sessions only so please indicate when you would like to go.

I'm very excited to be going to this years festival, I haven't been before & have heard both good & bad comments on previous years shows.  There is good food & wine and I'm going with fine friends so sure that no matter what I will enjoy myself, details will follow.


sammysutton said...

Friday would be great, thanks so much!

Ange said...

Hi Sammy, can you please email me your address to andreamichael@fotki.com so I can send you the Taste of Melbourne tickets - thanks Ange

Xioa Chu said...

Hi Ange, is the Friday evening ticket still available? I would love to go!

Ange said...

Hi Xioa Chu, If you email me your contact details to andreamichael@fotki.com I will organise some tickets to be left on the door for you as its getting a bit late to mail - Thanks Ange

Eater and Meeter said...

would love to go to this event!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
are you still giving away tickets? am hungry!!!

thanks.... fingers crosssed!