Friday, July 24, 2009

Winter Veggie Patch 2009

Life is a lot slower these days, lots of time spent feeding babies, playing with toddlers, taking long slow walks every day (slow by necessity not choice thanks to pushing a pram with 2 children in it), trying to catch up on sleep & if there is any energy left over then I try to get out into the garden. Amongst other things I am trying to get a veggie patch happening. Here is my new herb garden featuring sage (2 kinds), oregano, blueberry bush (I know it's not a herb!), mint, chives & yes a lot of weeds that I am constantly trying to keep on top of.
Veggie plot no. 1 - sugar snap or snow peas at the back (sorry cant remember which I planted so will have to wait until they grow), beetroots, carrots & Parsnips & silverbeets yet to rear their heads.
Veggie plot no. 2 - Broad beans, peas, lettuces, strawberry plant & the ever present weeds.

This weekend I have more seeds to sow & a lemon tree, blood orange tree & raspberry bush to plant - lets hope the weather holds up for me.

And yes I have been doing plenty of cooking, lots of cakes, cookies, kid friendly meals & even some adult fare, just havent had the time to do much posting of these dishes as yet, sure they will soon follow....

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M's nemesis said...

I admire your veggie patch- the broad beans and peas look great!
Food almost always tastes better when it comes from the little treasures in one's yard.

Sounds like the making of great summer sorbets/drinks with the lemon and blood orange trees and raspberry bush! Yum!