Friday, July 10, 2009

Baking for 2 year olds

Now that I am home every day of the week, with a baby & a 2 and a bit year old to keep happy all day long I have had to get creative to keep everyone busy & to stop us from going stir crazy. We try & get out for a walk to the shops & park each day (Melbourne Winter weather permitting) which still leaves a lot of the day to fill. As I love cooking, what better way to get Chloe interested than to get her involved, up until now she has had a bit of stirring involvement & lots of spoon licking but thats about it. So this week I started with Nigella Lawson’s Cheesy Feet from Feast. I didn't have any feet though so just pulled out whatever cookie cutters I could find. The variety was more fun for Chloe anyway than boring old feet. She loved the rolling & cutting out process even though she didnt end up loving or eating the biscuits. Michael & I loved them though so we are happy to let her help out whenver she wants so we can have them again.

The next day Chloe wanted to make more biscuits and as it was the process & not the end result she was after I made my first ever batch of playdough & now we spend hours each day making 'biscuits.' I have even finally managed to get the green food coloring off my hands which is a relief. Any other suggestions for 2 year olds more than welcome.

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Rilsta said...

The shapes you created look great! So cute!