Monday, March 06, 2006

Hungry Jacks - times of desperation

Friday nights party at Jane's for her birthday was a bit bigger than planned, lots of champagne & a very late bedtime meant that I accidently slept in on Saturday which was not the plan as we were supposed to get up extra early to drive to Lorne for our first wedding anniversary!

Not too worry, we did manage to get up in the end though not much time for packing let alone eating so we did the unthinkable & stopped at Hungry Jacks somewhere along the way to Geelong. My stomach was craving grease & boy did I feed it what it wanted. This was the first in a long time that I have eaten this stuff & from memory it was much better the last time. As usual I regretted it as soon as it was down, oh well, will have to remember for future reference & try a better grease option next time, maybe some good old fish & chips instead! The picture does look much better than the taste though dont you think?

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Reb said...

Well you really managed to run the gamut of gastronomic highs and lows this weekend! From Desperate to Dom in a few days!