Thursday, September 09, 2010

Midweek Moussaka

During the week I have to cook a meal after work for either my parents or Michaels parents when they have finished their babysitting shift & I have finished work.  As Joshie is a very clingy, sookie la-la, mumma's boy, when I finish work at 5pm ( I work from home so am right there when finished), the boy will not stand for anything other than being held so I have to prepare something the night before that can be cooked/reheated very simply.  This works fine for now when warming comfort food is all the go but when the temperature is soaring, an hour in the oven will not do pleasant things to the house, not to mention you dont feel like such heavy food when the heat is on.  So let's hope Joshie decides to have fun with the grandparents before that time arrives or we might be having pizza for dinner, even the pub is out as he goes to bed at abt 6pm no matter how hard we try to keep him up later, I know I shouldn't complain about this!

Anyway this weeks offering was George Calombaris' Moussaka recipe from the Hellenic Republic book, it's also on the menu there & is his mums recipe which can be found here.  I loved it, it has a layer of grilled eggplant on the bottom, a tasty, sweet meaty tomato sauce in the middle, next a layer of grilled sliced potatoes & a keflagraviera cheese bechamel on top which also includes eggs.  The eggs help the sauce to set & the whole thing holds together really well when you serve it, a bonus as I hate it when you have such a tasty dish that falls to slop on the plate when you serve it.  I served it with a Greek salad & it was a winner, everyone gave it the thumbs up!


bri said...

That looks great - I will definitely give that a go next time I get eggplants!

kitchen hand said...

You can't beat a good moussaka.

Christine Barker said...

looks yum. I agree, I hate how lasagne and other similar meals look great in the dish and horrible on the plate.