Saturday, May 15, 2010

Something wicked to do with leftover egg yolks

I have been keeping my eye out for recipes to use up a heap of egg yolks I have sitting in my freezer due to an uncommonly high amount of meringues being baked here lately.  This recipe for Chocolate Custard Tarts from Bill Granger's Open Kitchen caught my eye.  Oh My!  They are so delicious, the chocolate custard is heavenly & I really had to stop myself from eating it all up out of the pot before it even reached the shells.  Luckily I showed some restraint & made the tarts as it was even better once encased in golden puff pastry.  Bill is such a legend, sorry but I do drool over his books, breakfast king, divine sweets & gorgeous & usually pretty healthy lunches & dinners too, who can resist? 

Anyway I scoffed 2 tarts before they rest were ripped out of my hands and off to Michaels sisters 30th birthday party tonight, I promised a dessert yet in the end couldn't make it as I had to stay home with the boy who has had a bit of a cold (me too) & needed his sleep.  Oh well, secretly I am pleased with a whole night just to myself, no whining, no footy in the background, just silence & the freedom to do whatever I want (without leaving the house of course) for a few hours at least.  So here I am sitting at the computer, glass of champagne in reach, blogging away, doing online crosswords & looking forward to snuggling up with my book, currently reading The Slap & I am loving it.  Just finished cleaning the kitchen & had a gourmet dinner of a corn cob with salt & butter (hey, it's nice not to have to cook for a change!) & feeling very relaxed.

Oh yeah, I found the recipe for the tarts here if you want to give them a go.


Christine said...

Sounds like you had a night of bliss, although would be better if the boy wasn't sick :(
Choccie tarts look yummy. I might try them out!

Megan said...

Ooooh thanks! This is perfect. Been craving for some chocolate. I think I'm adding a tiny slice of strawberry on top for this.

Agnes said...

Sounds like a wonderful evening! :) Those tarts look so decadent. Gorgeous.

Ange said...

Thanks girls & do give them a go, def worth it!