Sunday, April 04, 2010

Happy Easter and a healthy start to the day, all down here from there

For me these days Easter is all about family & eating.  This said, I felt I could get away with some cheesy pics of Chloe & Josh with their Easter Egg loot from the Bunny, though the photo shows the closest Josh will come to actually eating a chocolate for a couple more months at least, for now he just gets to enjoy the bright wrapping.

I started the day with some bircher muesli Hellenic Republic style.  Bircher muesli is a summer favourite of mine now in it's last days before I move on to warmer porridges.  This recipe differs to my usual with the addition of pureed strawberry & segmented oranges added to the mix.  Very nice though be warned the mixture says it serves 4, I think it could easily go 8!

After brekkie & ester eggs we were off to lunch at my mums for a tradional lunch of sauerkraut soup, roast & some chocolate/orange mousse & a pistachio, chocolate & pear cake baked by me.

What did everyone else do for Easter?  Off to the couch for me now I think....

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Rizka said...

You've got some yummy choc and pear cake for Easter there..

Easter for me is pretty much sitting down in the sofa for the whole day watching all the recorded tv series I havent had the time to watch during busy workdays.. :)