Monday, January 04, 2010

The Cookbook Challenge - Week 8 - Sweet

I had a few friends over for a bbq on the weekend so it was the perfect opportunity for me to pick out something sweet from one of my many books for this weeks challenge - sweet.

Michael had bought me a lovely bottle of limoncello  for Christmas and as we're not huge drinkers anymore & I knew I had recipes for lovely desserts all over the place with this lovely lemon liqueur, I went on the hunt.

I decided on Nigella Lawson's Anglo-Italian Trifle from Forver Summer, the recipe can be found on her site here.


I have to say even though everyone swears they loved it (maybe they were being polite?), I wasnt actually that keen on it myself, the 250ml of limoncello I found way too overpowering & I think I could have used half that amount.  Also the recipes calls for 8 trifle sponges????  correct me if I'm wrong but I dont think we sell anything specifically called 'trifle sponges' here & I'm guessing whatever they are they are pretty small as 8 cakes would call for a much larger bowl.  As it is I used the recommended 2 litre bowl & squeezed in one supermarket bought sponge along with all the other ingredients & I  actually had to fish out about a cup of berries to make everything fit & I still couldn't fit all the cream on top so served it on the side.  Also I had to use mixed berries, raspberries, blackberries & blueberries as couldnt find 750g of blackberries.

So in conclusion I found the alcohol too strong & overpowering & not enough cream to balance it out even with some of the extra on the side.  The last trifle I made was this delicious lemon & blueberry one, should have stuck to that instead!


Agnes said...

That does sound like a fair amount of limoncello - would have been perfect for a "boozy" themed week!

Thermomixer said...

Wow - 250 ml of limoncello - potent, but I guess it's for 12-14 people !

The trifle sponges are about the size of a big lamington, so not too big, but still a lot of cake.

It looks good in the bowl though - very impressive indeed.

Rilsta @ My Food Trail said...

It sounds like a delicious trifle but pity it didn't work out well. At least you gave it a go and know not to make it again!