Monday, October 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Maya

Saturday was Maya's 4th birthday party which was held at Quarries Park in Clifton Hill which I had never even heard of let alone been to before. Great park, HUGE playground that we will be visiting again very soon, Chloe loved it so much that she cried all the way home as she wanted to go back.

Took along some treats for the kids, cupcakes with a rosewater icing & sugar stars & chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing & smarties. Chloe did the smartie decorating & had an excellent time, apparently I am now 'the best' mum. Good fun in the kitchen now that she is interested & wants to help out all the time, let's hope she loves cooking as much as her mum. Anyway I thought all the little girls would go for the cute pink girly cakes but no, everyone pounced on the chocolate, in the end the pink ones were eaten mostly by adults, will keep in mind for the next kids party.


Rilsta said...

Ooh, those sugar stars are so cute! Did you make them?

I guess kids like chocolate and colourful things but I would have gone the pink one! :)

Ange said...

Thanks Rilsta, i didnt make the sugar stars, cheated & bought them instead. With 2 kids it's hard enough to find the time to bake let alone make my own decorations though one day I would like to try & experiment with sugar art.

Zga said...

niiiiiiiiiiiiiiice you are inspiring me, have two kids and love cooking too!