Saturday, May 16, 2009

Old vs New & Friends for lunch

I just remember that I have now been back in my home for a few weeks now & haven’t shown you the photos of the new kitchen. So I thought I would show you not only my beautiful fresh, crisp, sparkly new & very workable white kitchen , but also what I was working with before the extension, my very old, sorta cute, grey & pink very unuser friendly kitchen, so here they are.

The new kitchen has inspired me to invite many people over for lunches, coffee, dinner & you name it as I cant do enough cooking now it seems. This week a few of the girls plus their kiddies came over for lunch. To start with I whipped up Nigella’s smoked trout pate which I have made previously & cant seem to get enough of. This was followed by a very simple yet delicious Onion & Feta Cheese Tart from by new book, Bill Granger’s Open Kitchen, as you can see I still cant seem to get away from tarts for lunch, I have a big thing for pastry at the moment & this was another good one, the hardest part being slicing up 1kg of onions! To top it off a nice autumn Pear & Hazelnut torta from Delicious magazine, I think it was the previous issue, April’s? Just the sort of cake I am loving at the moment, lots of gorgeous ripe fruit & a nut base so not too sickly or cakey.

I still have plans for lots more cooking & entertaining at least until my energy dries up before No 2 comes along in early July, so fingers crossed it doesn’t happen too soon.


Rilsta said...

Wow, what a fantastic renovation!! The new kitchen looks so great - you've done a great job!

A lot of people underestimate a white kitchen and say it looks too stark, but I love it and it goes so well with your wooden floors!

kitchen hand said...

Your new kitchen is great but can I have your old one?

Ange said...

Sorry the old kitchen is well & truly gone by now

KikiMiss said...

Just delightful, it made me gasp out loud!!!! May I ask where you sourced your lovely white stools from, I need stools with backs on them as the current version aren't cutting it with the little people and I'm worried they'll topple off.

You are doing wonderfully well with all of this entertaining and I hope you don't tire too soon either. Enjoy!

Ange said...

Thanks K, the stools actually came from good old Target, only vinyl but less than half the price of similar stools in all of the furniture shops we looked at & Chloe loves to sit up on them to eat or 'help' mummy cook!

Cakelaw said...

I am loving your new kitchen! As an apartment dweller, I can only dream of something like this, but it is amazing.

KikiMiss said...

Ange, they're just fantastic and very much what I've been searching for. I'll have to pay Target a visit, I do recall seeing them but was unsure of their quality. Thanks for letting me know.

h&b said...

oh, WOW !!!
That is v. similar to my 'new' kitchen, hopefully next year ?

I think your 'old' kitchen is a bit nicer than my old grey&white one i'm using now, but probably only just ? :)

Fantastic !!