Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Weekend Brekky in the Sun

Michael, Chloe & I had a pretty relaxed Grand Final day, no rowdy parties & drinking all day for us so I thought I would start the day with a leisurely breakfast which we ate outside in the sun given the beautiful weather. I made these fantastic Egg & Bacon Pies with an Oat pastry that I saw Maggie whip up on The Cook & The Chef, the recipe can be found here. I didn’t have any spring form tins of that size so just made them in pie dishes which was fine although I couldn’t serve them out of the dish so they might not have looked as pretty. I used Ottway pork free range bacon which I buy from the deli at Barkly square & in my opinion is the best tasting bacon out there & I wouldn’t make my brekky with anything else. Some fresh free range eggs & chives from the garden finished it off & well you can probably see from the photo how delicious they were, mmmm as I type I wish I had another sitting in front of me right now! Luckily Chloe was more interested in going to the park afterwards & hasn’t quite caught onto the magic of bacon & eggs just yet so we got to eat them all to ourselves too.


KikiMiss said...

Holy sch-moley...they look terrific. I'm going to look at the recipe right now, it's never too late to eat breakfast is it? Ha ha ha ha.

Ange said...

Any time would be a good time for these, breakfast, lunch, dinner or even a midnight snack if you must

pea & pear said...

sure does look delicious... I would be more then happy to start the day with one of those :)