Monday, January 28, 2008

Happy Oz Day

In a mad long weekend of barbecues & lunches with family & friends, as well as a spot of beach cricket, the only cooking I got around to was a lovely lamb casserole for Chloe which I would be highly tempted to eat myself & some breakfast this morning before heading off. This was actually the first breakfast I have cooked in the new house if my memory serves me correct, over 1 month & we have been so busy getting organized that cooking just didn’t manage to make it onto the morning menu until now. Hopefully there will be more to come soon too as I love a leisurely weekend breakfast to start the day & usually get me through to dinner time too.
I chose Bill Grangers French toast with Fresh berry sauce from Bills Food which was divine & an absolute cinch to make too. I grew up on savoury French toast with grated cheese on top, though lately thanks to some excellent local cafes I have been switched on to the other sweet, luscious, side of this dish. This one starts off with thick slabs of panettone, a quick dunk in an egg & milk wash & into the frying pan before topping with some whizzed up berries, sugar & lemon juice. Try it, you will love it I swear.


KikiMiss said...

Crikey! At first glance I thought this picture was an overcooked pie with lashings of tomato sauce :-)

Now I know that it isn't I may just be tempted to pass the tip onto the Big Fella who is the breakfast chef in our house.

...(still laughing at the thought of a pie ha ha ha)

KikiMiss said...

Just leaving a comment here as you don't have an 'email me' type button. If you want some suggestions for 1st birthday keepsakes with a bit of style I can give you some links etc. Start a new post so I can leave comments or give me an email address to forward to. ~K