Sunday, August 20, 2006

Pancakes USA Stylie

Well after I can’t remember how many gorgeous photos of pancake blogs lately, Matts being the last, I finally gave in & made my own. Normally I make very thin crepe style pancakes but for the stack I obviously needed some fat little babies so I looked through my books & Jamie’s recipe for USA stylie pancakes from Happy Days was about the only one for which I had all of the ingredients handy without having to make a dash to the shops. In this recipe the egg whites need beating before adding which personally I thought didn’t seem to make that much difference & was one step that made these a bit on the fiddly side. They did taste quite yummy though, especially drenched in maple syrup & yes Vanilla Ice Cream!

Pancakes USA Stylie

3 large eggs
115g plain flour
1 heaped teaspoon baking powder
140ml milk
a pinch of salt

First separate Add the flour, baking powder & milk to the egg yolks in a bowl & mix to a smooth batter. Whisk the whites with the salt until they form stiff peaks. Fold into the batter. Heat a good non-stick frypan on medium heat. Pour some of the batter into the pan (I buttered my pan though the original recipe doesn’t call for this) & fry for a couple of minutes until bubbles appear on the top, flip with a spatula & fry until golden on both sides. Serve with whatever takes your fancy.


Matt said...

Looking good Ange, and the fatter the better in my book :)

Might wanna update the link to my post though... got some doubling up going on.

I'm gonna go make these again now.


deborah said...

oh yum. can't go wrong with pancakes. does jamie oliver make them usa stylie with a few rasher's bacon? i had waffles with maple syrup and bacon in canada... love the sweet and salt combo

Ange said...

No bacon in sight - I have always eaten pancakes sweet so cant bring myself to try the bacon/syrup combo, especially now!

jules said...

nice stack ange...look like matt's got some competition

Reb said...

At least that's one more thing you can eat! They look yummy

Belinda said...

I love pancakes with bacon and syrup!

I had pancakes in the US once and they were as wide as a dinner plate and thicker than yours. And that was just for breakfast!