Saturday, July 08, 2006

Iliana Pizza

Normally I wouldn’t do a post on take away pizza so this is an exception. I thought I just had to let everyone know that the best take away pizza in Brunswick comes from Iliana on Nicholson street. They have a great thin crispy base & the toppings are perfect, never overdone & they even use real ham, pretty amazing stuff wouldn’t you say? Last night I ordered half Aussie & half vegetarian, this way I can fool myself into believing I am eating healthy food. I don’t normally go for Aussie but theirs is suberb, lovely chunks of just crispy bacon & the egg gets right in there, its sensational. As for the veggie, you can prob see its topped full of onions, zucchini, mushies, capsicum & olives as well as the usual tomato & cheese. They also have a range of Gourmet pizzas as well as pasta (pretty good too) & even some burgers & fish & stuff, have never strayed that far form the pizza or occasional pasta myself. Anyway if you live in the area make this your local, you won’t be sorry!

128 Nicholson Street
East Brunswick
9381 0404


jenjen said...

Ange, I too was a little hesitant in posting about this pizza, just because it was a take away item. But it was that good that I think I should have... now that I see you doing it I think I will follow. And it will give me another excuse to order a pizza again. Thanks.

Ellie said...

This is also the boyfriend's favourite pizza joint in brunswick - I've had their veg and have to admit it's definetely one of the best I've ever had!

Anonymous said...

I don't know who you people are, but I was looking for the number online.... This place is awesome.. nice staff, great pizza, and they deliver plonk!


nathan said...

i have worked just over the road from this place for 3 years and it is everything you wish for in a pizza place. Cheap, good food...and yes, no shredded ham.