Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Confessions in Groups of Five

Pamela at Posie’s Place tagged me for this meme and with a spare few moments to kill have managed to fill it all out so you now all have some weird & useless facts about my life

5 items in the freezer

1. Frozen espresso cubes for making mad cocktails as suggested by Matt at Abstract Gourmet

2. Plastic Beer stein/mug picked up at Oktoberfest many years ago that has liquid surrounding it that freezes to keep your drinks cold on hot summer days – never actually remember to pull it out & use it though

3. Wine cooler that works in similar manner to above, has cute pictures of Italian waiters running around it & yes this one does get used a lot in summer

4. Lots of frozen soup to take to work for lunch on cold Winters days, I try & make at least one huge batch a week & freeze the leftovers in portions

5. Lots of ice, seems that the freezer wants defrosting every other week – freezer doesn’t get what freezer wants all that often though!

5 items in my closet

1. A Mermaid costume from a fancy dress ‘M’ party a couple of years back, I cant bear to part with it as so many hours of effort went into making it & it was always my dream to find an excuse to dress up as a mermaid

2. Two fancy hats in boxes from race days that I will never wear again

3. A hell of a lot of shoes, big weakness

4. Not many Michael clothes (have hogged the majority of space!)

5. A whole section stuffed full of cute little ‘going out handbags’, another weakness

5 items in my car

1. Picnic blanket & chairs for spontaneous picnicking – has not happened yet though!

2. CD’s of course

3. Melways – who hasn’t got one sitting in the car?

4. Dirt from shipping home plants from Bunning’s that always manage to tip over

5. Not much else, don’t drive very often so haven’t managed to accumulate much crap

5 items in my purse

1. Too many credit cards – not that they do much good as more times than not they are up to the limit!

2. Money – Although disappointingly never as much as I would like to see in there

3. Action photo of Michael & I dancing up a storm at our engagement party

4. Drivers License

5. Medicare Card

Feel free to take part if you want to share the intimate details of your life


Anonymous said...

Hey Ange,

Glad to hear the espresso cubes made it into production :) Any shots of cool cocktails you pulled together with them ??

Might also want to direct people to the actual post itself... because in the ever changing landscape that is my website, it may be hard to find shortly :)

I also take it as a badge of shame that i have never been tagged for any memes :(

Ange said...

Matt, sorry have added the link - dont know what I was thinking. Took heaps of photos but unfort they were all a blurry mess so will have to wait til next time I make them. Meantime you have been tagged for this by Haalo I beleive so no shame, confess away!

Anonymous said...

Yeh the trick is to take the shots *before* you start drinking the cocktails :)

I must have missed the tag because I've seen nada... I was always too fast for anyone to catch me at chasey... maybe it's karma.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant post Ange, thanks for taking part in the meme!!

Ange said...

Matt - no I think I'm actually just going crazy, had you confused with someone else, think you should consider yourself tagged by me & go ahead